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and Berenguer Doll's for play or reborning!
!!Super Deals!!
I've got so many things going right now, I've come to the conclusion that something needs to go...
I've decided to drop the Nursery Reborns, so I"m selling out all the dolls I have left, many of which are no longer available through Berenguer.
The Berenguer doll's on these pages are great dolls for reborning or for play.
I only have one of most of these dolls, so once they've been sold, they're gone for good.

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16" LaBaby's
These are the new style LaBaby's
Cute, cuddly and lovable!
2 left in stock.
Karens Kloset
I recently cleaned out my craft closet and discovered more treasures than I will ever be able to use myself.  I've created a new section on my website called Karens Kloset, where I've listed all kinds of outfits, shoes and wigs for reborn baby's and newborn baby's!
Many styles, color's and sizes to choose from!
Most styles no longer available in stores.
I'm offering them all at a great discounted closet price :o)
December 2010 Update
Karens Kloset has been restocked with some GREAT new buys!

New doll wigs in many styles, color's and sizes!! Great buy for doll makers and reborners!!
New baby shoes and infant shoes in many styles, color's and sizes. Great buys for doll makers, reborners and baby's!
Lot's of adorable, new baby outfits in preemie to newborn.
All seasons! Girl and boy! Many items are no longer available in stores!! Great opportunity to stock up on clothing for doll's, reborns or baby!!
Refund Policy
All items purchased from the Sweet Pea Nursery Reborns site are at a closeout price with no returns, no refunds..

LaNewborn Moments Dolls
I found four 17" LaNewborns I had stored in my craft closet!!
These dolls are no longer available and were discontinued about a year ago.
These dolls make adorable reborns or great play dolls. They come in the original package with a diaper and outfit.
20" LaBaby's
I only have two of these cutie pies left!
20" Lots to Cuddle
Two left!
One Asian and one African American
14" LaNewborn Real Baby
Two differnt styles left!

Reborn Doll Kits
I have three dolls that I had started but never had time to finish. Pretty dolls with new eyes, lashes, coloring, nails done and wigs. All they need is a new body and to be constructed.

Two Completed Reborns
These are the last reborns I have. I'm selling them with just their diapers on at a reduced price.

One Patchwork Hearts Left!!
Patchwork hearts is an adorable doll that is no longer available through Berenguer.
Selling the last one at a huge discount.

One Tete Left!!
Tete is an adorable doll no longer offered by Berenguer.. Tete is a very realistic boy baby doll. One left at a reduced price.

Kissy Face
Sold Out

Doll Kits
One Angel Face Left!

Sold Out
Sold Out
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