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The new Berenguer doll kits are made in Spain.
They're made with Euro Vinyl, which is more pinkish peach in color and not as transparent as the doll's made in China.
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Berenguer Doll Kit
21" Angel Face
This doll kit is molded from the 21" LaBaby Angel Face Mold. The doll's shown above were made from this doll kit. I really like the softness of this Euro Vinyl and the fact that the head is smooth with no molded hair.  This 11 piece doll kit include's the head, 3/4 arms, 3/4 legs, a cotton non jointed body and 5 plastic ties. I haven't made a kit with the cotton body included, but when used with a doe suede body, this doll will  wear Newborn and 0-3 month baby clothing.
Doll kit does not include eyes...you'll need 18mm.
Rooting this doll head was a breeze because the vinyl is so soft. Or, if you prefer to use a wig, I used a size 14/15 on the doll shown above (with pigtails). You can acheive so many looks with this doll kit! The possibilities are endless.
Each kit costs $29.95 plus shipping.
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Sweet Pea Nursery Reborns
Sweet Pea Nursery Reborns
Sweet Pea Nursery Reborns
Berenguer Doll Kit
17" Sleeping Baby
This doll kit is molded from the 17" LaNewborn Moments Sleeping Baby Mold.
This doll kit comes with full arms and legs, the head, a cotton non jointed body and 5 plastic ties. 
I haven't had the chance to finish one of these doll kits yet, but will add a picture as soon as I get one complete. I think this doll kit will turn out adorable! I love the full limbs of the LaNewborn's and the sweet facial expression of this doll. Notice all the wrinkles and details on the Berenguer dolls!
This doll head does have molded lines (but no paint)... However, the molded lines aren't very deep at all and can be rooted over without any sanding.. The molds actually work very well as a guide for hair placement.
Your completed baby will wear Preemie sized baby clothing.
This kit costs $29.95 plus shipping.
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Sleeping Baby is sold out, but I've found a couple of the
Angel Face doll kits.
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