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Reborn Baby Doll's
and Berenguer Doll's for play or reborning!
On this page you'll find 16" LaBaby's by Berenguer.
These doll's are very realistic and come in two molds.
They're great for reborning or for play.

Sweet Pea Nursery Reborns
Berenguer 16" LaBaby Nursery Doll's
These doll's are soft, cuddly, cute and come with the famous Berenguer powdery scent.
Were $24.00 each plus shipping
Now $19.00 plus shipping
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This years LaBaby's come in 2 face and sleeper styles.
The sleepers this year are adorable.
Smiling LaBaby is wearing a pink sleeper with a stork on the front.
Cooing LaBaby is wearing a pink and flower print with a big flower on the front. Both styles come with a hat and a pillow.
These baby's are perfect for little ones. They're soft, lovable and smell so good! They have vinyl heads, feet and hands, cloth body.
$24.00 each plus s/h
Now $19.00 each plus s/h
The LaBaby's make wonderful play dolls or adorable reborn dolls, as shown below.
Smiling LaBaby Sold Out
Sorry! Sold Out..
2 Cooing LaBaby's Left