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~ Sweet Pea Nursery Reborns ~
Reborn Baby Doll's
and Berenguer Doll's for play or reborning!
Twins!! Buy one or buy both!
These cuties are being sold at a close out price with just their diapers on. All you need to do is dress them in your favorite baby clothes. They're 20" tall and wear size newborn.
Super close out price of $40 each or $75 for the set
All sales final.
19" reborns with 1/4 limbs.
Dolls have been painted, blushed, have manicures, eyelashes, eyebrows, new doe suede bodies, boy doll has a short curly afro style hairdo in dark brown (could also be a girl with a pretty headband!) and girl doll has black short curly pigtails with bangs. Dolls have dark brown eyes, are wearing diapers and wear newborn sized clothing.

Twin Girl has been sold.